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Our support workers are young individuals who are passionate about the disability sector.

At Buttons, we contract all our workers as we acknowledge the benefits of engaging in support work privately: Increased pay, ownership ​over the role and the ability to develop meaningful relationships. Our service isn't to remove the private nature of your work, but to assist you in formalising your role, safely and professionally. 

Why Buttons?

Gain invaluable life skills

Gain Invaluable Life Skills

Meaningful Connection

Meaningful Connection

Premium Pay

Premium Pay

First class relationship management

First-Class Relationship Management

How It Works

We are your advocates. Our process is designed to instil professionalism in your work. We want you to feel confident, capable and empowered to take ownership over your role.

We nurture you through the often challenging transition period of becoming a new support worker and finding new work. We want you to be in a position where you can thrive. Let us manage the difficult conversations and you can build a great relationship. 

discovery call

Welcome Call

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perfect match

Finding Your
Perfect Match

Real support

Authentic Support

We want to hear about you. Who you are, your ambitions and your experience in the sector. 

We will assist you in navigating the process of obtaining the appropriate legal documents, including having:

  • A valid Working With Children's Check

  • National Police Check

  • ABN

  • Up-to-date comprehensive insurance packages. 

We will facilitate a call with you, our participant and a Buttons team member to discuss the support required and to ensure you are comfortable with the arrangement. 

We will continuously update you  
on the changing needs and goals of your participants and manage your invoices and payments, as well as provide you with the skills and knowledge to take ownership over your role.

Buttons Support Services


We want out support workers to feel confident, capable and empowered in their role. We run training sessions for people with little experience to provide disability education in an engaging way. We will guide you through the process of becoming a new support worker and finding work.

Intro to disability

- Models of Disability

- Scenarios

- Behavioural Support

- Language

Intro to Disability

Role overview.png

- Values of Support           Workers

- Responsibilities

Role Overview

Q & A

Q & A

  • What funding do I need to use Buttons support workers?
    To use our support workers, people seeking support can use either their NDIS support package or personal income to pay for support. We can claim funds under the following areas of the Core Support and Capacity Building categories of your funding: ​ Core Support Assistance with Daily Life Assistance with Social and Community Participation ​ Capacity Building Improved Daily Living Improved Relationships Increased Social and Community Participation
  • How does payment work?
    We will make fortnightly payment requests. If you are self-managed, we will send the invoice to you directly; if you are plan-managed, we will send the invoice to your plan manager for payment.
  • How do we ensure the safety of our participants?
    Our support workers undergo a strict screening and on-boarding process. This includes verification of qualifications and the required legal documents. All our support workers have a valid Working With Children's Check, National Police Check, ABN and comprehensive insurance packages. Our support workers have also completed the NDIS Worker's Orientation module and a COVID-19 Infection Control training.
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