Our support workers are young individuals who are passionate about

the disability sector and have prior experience in the industry. 

At Buttons we acknowledge the benefits of engaging in support work privately:

Increased pay, ownership over the role and the ability to develop meaningful relationships. 

Our service isn't to remove the private nature of your work, but to assist you in formalising your role, safely and professionally. 


In order to maintain these benefits, all of our support workers are independent contractors. We will nurture and guide you through the process of obtaining the appropriate documents, provide you with consistent work and manage payments as well as any difficult situations.



We are your advocates. Our process is designed to instil professionalism in your work.

We want you to feel confident, capable and empowered to take ownership over your role.

We nurture you through the often challenging transition period of becoming a new support worker and finding new work. We want you to be in a position where you can thrive. Let us manage the difficult conversations and you can build a great relationship. 


Welcome Call

Meet us for a welcome call. We want to hear about you. Who you are, your ambitions and your experience in the sector. You can hear more about what we do and our responsibility to our support workers.



In signing up to our platform we will assist you in navigating the process of obtaining the appropriate legal documents. This includes having a valid Working With Children's Check, National Police Check, ABN and up-to-date comprehensive insurance packages. 

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Your Perfect Match


Once we've established an appropriate connection, we will facilitate a call with you, our participant and a Buttons team member. This is a great opportunity to become familiar with one another, discuss the support required and to ensure you are comfortable with the arrangement. Finding the right match can be difficult, but we promise to be open and honest with you as we work through this process together!

Our Support

We will update you on the changing needs and goals of your participants and manage your invoices and payments. We will provide you with the platform, skills and knowledge to take ownership over your role, as well as advocating for professionalism, consistency and respect in your work. 

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Why is it beneficial for you to be an independently contracted support worker?


  • Increased Pay: Higher hourly rates and more money in your pocket today.

  • Flexibility: Freedom in scheduling shifts and finding work that suits you.

  • Ownership over the role: The ability to coordinate the arrangement and take the relationship in the direction you please.

What do I need to sign-up as a Buttons support worker?


We recognise the challenge in regards to private support workers being set up appropriately.

In order to ensure you are compliant, we will assist you in obtaining: 

  • Working With Children's Check

  • National Police Check

  • ABN

  • Insurance  


It is also required that you will complete the NDIS Worker's Orientation module and a COVID-19 Infection Control training.

How do we pay our support workers?


As we understand the difficulty in managing a relationship with participants and conversations around finances, all invoicing and payments will be conducted by us. Payments to our support workers are scheduled fortnightly. Irrespective of the participant's NDIS management scheme, we will advocate and follow up for consistent payments and fair outcomes.


We want to hear about YOU.

Let's grab a coffee or give us a call.